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   At Pai International Meditation Center, we believe that the natural environment plays a significant role in achieving inner peace and happiness through meditation practice. That's why we've carefully selected a location that is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and located along the tranquil Pai River.

   Our center provides a comfortable and peaceful setting that allows practitioners to escape from the distractions of daily life and fully immerse themselves in the practice of meditation. The serene natural environment allows the mind to relax, and practitioners can connect more easily with their inner selves.

   In addition to our beautiful location, we're fortunate to have access to good quality mineral water from a natural source. This water not only provides a refreshing drink but also enhances the meditative experience by nourishing the body and mind.

   we welcome people from all over the world who are interested in practicing meditation. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, we provide the support and guidance needed to deepen your practice and connect with your inner self.


   At our meditation center, we utilize the Dhammakaya Meditation technique, which has been practiced for centuries due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

By following the applicable and impeccable steps, this technique allows the mind to gently focus on the center of the body, striking a perfect balance between concentration and relaxation.

   The Center of the Body, which is located two fingers' width above the navel, is the seventh base of the mind. As humans, we have seven bases of the mind, and we can focus on each of them using visualization and mantra to still our minds. The Center of the Body is like a home for the mind where it can rest, reset, and refresh itself, allowing us to tap into the source of wisdom, joy, and pure energy that resides within us during moments of solitude without thoughts. The art of doing nothing can yield tremendous results for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


   Our meditation hall offers a calming and relaxing space for practitioners to cultivate inner peace and mindfulness. With comfortable seating and a peaceful ambiance, it's the perfect setting for deepening your meditation practice.

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   Tree house offers a unique and unforgettable experience surrounded by nature. With breathtaking views, cozy accommodations, and peaceful surroundings, it's the perfect place to disconnect from the outside world and connect with nature.

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   Our dining hall provides a welcoming atmosphere for enjoying delicious and healthy meals. With fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, our menu offers a variety of tasty options to nourish both the body and the soul.


   Our courtyard is a tranquil oasis in the heart of our center. With a serene ambiance and beautiful landscaping, it's the perfect place to pause, reflect, and connect with nature while enjoying a moment of peace and stillness.


   At our center, we're committed to a farm-to-table approach in our cuisine. By using locally-sourced ingredients, we aim to provide guests with delicious and healthy meals that promote sustainable practices

   The hot spring mineral water from a natural source promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. With healing properties and therapeutic benefits, it's the perfect way to unwind and soothe both the body and the mind.


Support Us

   At our center, we're dedicated to promoting mindfulness and well-being for all individuals. We strive to provide a sanctuary where people can connect with their inner selves and cultivate inner peace. Your donation can help us continue to provide transformative experiences to those in need. By supporting our center, you'll be contributing to the growth and sustainability of our programs and initiatives, helping us reach more people and make a bigger impact. Your generosity can help us create a better future for all, one where mindfulness and well-being are prioritized and accessible to everyone. 

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